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Achelis Kenya Ltd (AKL)
Our Businesses

Achelis (Tanganyika) Limited (ATL)

The Achelis (Tanganyika) Limited has been involved in various activities for the last 55 years and have served a cross section of both public and private sector. Among our clients we have various Government Ministries, International Organisations, Tanzania Ports Authority, TANESCO, Tanzanian Railways Corporation, TAZARA, Mbeya Cement and Tanga Cement Company Limited, the Sugar Mills, Swissport, Tanzania Breweries Limited, East African Industries and various construction companies.

The company has been in operation in Tanzania since 1961. The company is solely involved in the procurement, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of equipment in the following areas:

  • Medical & Scientific
  • Industrial Division
  • Security Division
  • Agricultural Division
  • Energy Division
  • Graphics Division

Achelis Material Handling Division

Achelis Material Handling Division has grown and developed into a reputable market leader having built and maintained long lasting relationships with our business partners in all areas of operation both in the public and private sectors.

Our partners have enabled us to facilitate an improved service delivery to meeting our clients needs in a very competitive market. With a wide range of knowledge and experience in various technical related areas and a pool of skilled and qualified personnel; we have tailor made our operations to provide you with a one- stop shop for all your material handling needs which include:

  • Lifting Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Power & Lighting
  • Fire Fighting & Rescue Equipment

We are also experienced in providing products and services in the following areas:

  • Oil & Gas Division
  • Infrastructure Division

Achelis Motorex (Tanzania) Limited (AMTL)

Achelis Motorex (Tanzania) Limited is the Leasing and Rentals Division of the Company and is a leading provider of leasing and rental services in Tanzania.

Motorex has been in the Leasing and Rentals business for more than 15 years in Tanzania and has grown consistently to be a key player within reputable organizations and institutions which include local and multinational corporations, Oil & Gas, Energy, Hospitality & Health, Logistics and Construction companies.

Our lease solutions allow our customers to focus on their core businesses, and allow them to redirect their capital towards investments that appreciate in value rather than assets that depreciate in value.

We offer three types of leases:

  1. Finance Leases
  2. Operating Leases
  3. Short Term Rentals.


  • Off Balance Sheet Financing.
  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Lower upfront cash outlay.
  • Lower Tax bite.
  • Better Financial Reporting.
  • Use Operating Budgets & not Capital Budgets.
  • No Maintenance Headaches.
  • No In-house Workshop Headaches & Overheads.
  • Ease of upgrading the Asset & no fear of the Asset becoming obsolete.
  • Lease rentals paid are a tax Deductable Expense.
  • Cheaper than other Finance Products.
  • No Used Asset Hassles.
  • Planned Replacement of Equipment.